The Harvard Graduate School of Education presents: "Educating for Climate Change in K-12: Discussion and Sharing of Resources" with Tina Grotzer, Associate Professor of Education, Harvard University.

The Harvard Law School Environmental Law Program presents: "The Long March to Reducing Carbon Emissions in China" with Dan Dudek, Vice President, China, Environmental Defense Fund. Commentary by Harvard Law School's Jody Freeman, Archibald Cox Professor of Law and Richard Lazarus, Howard and Katherine Aibel Professor of Law.


The Harvard Divinity School presents: "Changing the Religious Climate: The Role of Faith Groups in Climate Change Awareness and Action" with Laurel Kearns, Associate Professor of Sociology and Religion and Environmental Studies, Drew Theological School.

The Harvard Kennedy School presents: "Reinventing Fire: Profitable Low-Carbon Futures for the U.S. and China," with Amory B. Lovins, Chairman/Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. Moderated by Meghan O'Sullivan, Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs

EPS/SEAS Climate Science Breakfast: "Climate Implications of Equilibrium Statistical States in the Baroclinic Turbulence of the Earth’s Midlatitude Atmosphere" with Brian F. Farrell, Robert P. Burden Professor of Meteorology, Harvard University


The Graduate School of Design and the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities present: "Building and Planning for Climate Change” with Kairos Shen, Director of Planning, Boston Redevelopment Authority

The Harvard University Department of English presents: Poetry Reading with Paisley Rekdal, Professor, English, University of Utah.

The Harvard University Department of Government presents: "Two Keohanes Talk Climate Politics," a lecture by Robert Keohane, Professor of International Affairs, Princeton University and Nathaniel Keohane, Vice President, International Climate program, Environmental Defense Fund. Introductory remarks by Daniel Schrag, Hooper Professor of Geology; Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Director, Harvard University Center for the Environment. Moderated by Dustin Tingley, Paul Sack Associate Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University.

EPS/SEAS Climate Science Breakfast: “Coupled Feedbacks in the Climate Structure That Set the Time Scale for Irreversible Change: Arctic Isotopes to Stratospheric Radicals" with James Anderson, Philip S. Weld Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Harvard University

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health presents: "Climate Change and Human Health: Impacts and Opportunities" with Joel Schwartz, Professor of Environmental Epidemiology and Sam Myers, Senior Research Scientist, Dept. of Environmental Health.

The Office for Sustainability presents: "The Role of Health and Climate in Campus Sustainability" with Arlene Blum, Scientist and Public Health Advocate, and Heather Henriksen, Director, Office for Sustainability

EPS/SEAS Climate Science Breakfast: "Jet Stream Variability and Climate" with Zhiming Kuang, Gordon McKay Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Science, Harvard University

The Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative Present: "Humanitarian Implications of Climate Change" with Vincenzo Bolletino, Research Associate, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative; Gregg Greenough, Director of Research, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative; and Ronak Patel, Director, Urbanization and Crises Program, Harvard Humanitarian Inititative.